Bible School Preschool Games Teach Kids More Than Words, Shapes, and Numbers

Bible school preschool games are exciting! When you have a child, you get to experience many blessings. Most of these blessings come in the form of the small changes, realizations, and awakenings that you get to witness your child experience. The first five years of life are a very important time for growing and learning, which is why you should play these preschool games with your child. They will get to spend time with you; which is crucial for imprinting, but they will also learn the skills and values that you want them to learn.

Bible School Preschool GamesStudies show that the first five years of a child’s life are years of accelerated learning. It makes perfect sense, since they are forming their understanding of the world around them, as well as physically growing at the fastest rate in their lifetime.

During this time, you can take advantage of this by guiding the input that your child receives. For instance, experts say that you should read to your child every day so they become more familiar with language. It doesn’t have to be a children’s book, but something that is appropriate for them. You can read the ingredients listed on a cereal box or you could read the morning newspaper.

Similarly, you can play games with your child. Interaction is also very important to a child who is learning to respect and appreciate other people. Whether they play with you or with other children, they are learning how to cooperate and communicate. It doesn’t matter if you play a game designed specifically for learning or for children of this age, or you simply throw a ball to each other. They get a kick out of the fact that they can actually catch or throw, as their motor skills also develop.

You can also play games that teach principles of the Bible, if that is important to you. Even if you aren’t particularly spiritual or religious, the principles that are taught are ones that everyone appreciates. Also, the Bible is truly, at its core, a story, and you can read the story, with pictures, while you play the associated games. Your child will learn to identify the characters and, of course, be exposed to more words and ideas. From these games, they will learn consequence and the difference between right and wrong. They will also likely learn numbers, shapes, and colors in the process, simply because you can point them out along the way.

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