Preschool Counting Games

Preschool Counting Games, as the name says, plans to learn children numbers and counting.

Preschool Counting GamesThe first step could be teaching them to count how many fingers they have at a hand. It is easy and funny. First of all they can see their fingers and count them easy.

Soon they will be able to count to ten because they understand pretty easy that each of their hand has five fingers. Then they can bend a finger and count the others that remained. In this way they can learn easy Mathematics operations-addition and subtraction.

Printables can be very useful in this activity. First the children have to color the numbers from these already typed printables. Soon they’ll do a connection between a number and a color. This will help them to memorize the number. The next step is to ask children to fill in the missing number. In this way they learn the succession of the numbers. The third step is to resolve easy addition and subtraction exercises. In the end they can create their own Mathematics exercises. In this way, their mind is forced to work to learn the numbers, to know that addition means to add numbers and subtraction to subtract numbers. Then they must think well to come to a correct result. This game develops their intelligence, their speed of thinking, the ability of doing correct judgments.

Dot-to-dot printables can be helpful too. Children must connect the dots in order to obtain a number. Ten he must name that number and draw as many objects as the number shows. Drawing and counting in the same time can be a funny and easy method to teach them Mathematics. More on, children will enjoy the game.

Why a child must learn numbers and counting? Because numbers are everywhere around us. With their help we express a lot of things: age, time, addresses, phone numbers or sizes. It’s almost impossible to manage without knowing them. Almost everything is in connection with numbers. Shopping means numbers addictions and subtraction. Every child love going shopping and would like to do some of them by himself. Without numbers he isn’t able to do it.

Maybe children aren’t aware by the importance of numbers but they want to know. They feel that these are something special and want to learn to master them. No matter where they are, at kindergarten or home, number games are a good exercise for their brain health.

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