Preschool Dot To Dot Printables

Preschool Dot to Dot Printables it’s another project that has as a target the development of a child’s education, both from the intellectual point of view and physical one.

The only thing a child must do here is to connect the dots and of course they like much to do this.

Preschool Dot to Dot PrintablesThese printables represents a challenge for them. They are eager to reveal the final images and so they hurry and try to do it in the shortest way possible. In this way, this activity improves their eye and hand coordination.

The difficulty of these kinds of printables must grow gradually according their speed to obtain the final picture.

So dot-to dot picture must be larger and more and more hard. If this activity becomes so easy that it can be accomplished in a minute, the children will not like to do this anymore. So their curiosity and eagerness must be kept awaken all the time and every printable to be a new challenge for the child.

In this way he can be taught the order of the numbers, the time, the order of the alphabet letters.

This activity has also the target to encourage hand-writing and the skills needed for this task. So besides fun they have a very useful part, both for children and parents. Children have something to do in rainy days not to get bored, an no children will ever refuse to do a dot-to-dot, not to mention that this is an exercise for his hand that helps him to become more self confident in handle the pencil. The more he practices the more the lines he draws are more firm and correct. Everything needs exercise, and nothing can be good from the beginning. And this kind of activity takes into account this matter and encourages the child to take every day exercise. So, the children must be shown the improvement they do and must be praise and encourage to keep on exercising.

Following the dots, children can do little farms, animals, clothes and furniture and a lot of objects that they meet at every step. In this way they start to recognize them, to know their use, and they start to use them in correct contexts

Nothing is created in vain, only to have the sensation that something is done. Everything has deeper meaning and target that must be only revealed and understand.

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