The Purpose of Preschool Games

What is the purpose of preschool games? One of the joys of being a parent is watching your child grow and learn. Another joy of being a parent is playing with your child and making them laugh and smile. When you play games with your child, you get to enjoy both of these aspects of parenthood. You also get to take advantage of the unique window of accelerated learning that occurs during this stage of life.

Preschool GamesFinding fun ways to learn is important because children always need to be engaged in something. At this age they are curious, always asking questions and getting into things that perhaps they should not.

By playing with them, or giving them appropriate toys they can expend that curiosity in a safe and productive way while also learning the skills they will need to continue to grow and eventually start to become more independent in their thinking.

This is an important part of growing up. You want to know that your child has the intelligence and the ability to make decisions for themselves and discern the differences between right and wrong. This is one thing that these activities help to teach. As they start to discern between shapes and colors they are learning a primary skill that will be useful in a very practical way. However, they are also learning the basis for a much more important skill: that of comparing differences and similarities. This is important, obviously, because you can’t learn right from wrong without understanding how they are different.

Along those lines, these games help to teach discipline and consequences. No matter what game you play, your child will begin learning the basis of procedure, sequence, trial and error, results, and reward. You need to be careful in the rewards department, though, because as innocent as they seem, their primitive instincts will quickly learn to seek the reward and they might try to shortcut things. It’s part of human nature.

At their base, however, these games are fundamental building blocks for learning. Of course, you can start to teach them the alphabet, the number system, colors, and shapes. While they are not necessarily learning big words, being able to identify a letter is just like identifying a number, as a symbol. You can always teach their deeper meaning at a later time. The main thing is for your child to enjoy learning and for you to spend time with them.

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Preschool Games Preschool Games