Preschool Monkey Crafts

Preschool Monkey Crafts it’s another activity that comes to meet the child’s need for new and funny things during their lessons and activities from kindergarten or home. Why a monkey?

Because it is a funny animals as it is seen in cartoons that likes to play all day and eat bananas, that makes faces at children making them to laugh even if a moment ago he was crying.

Preschool Monkey CraftsCrafts about monkeys teach the children a lot of things: how to fold origami monkeys (everybody knows that origami art is one of the most favorite activities both when t is about children or adults), how to make monkey masks, and monkey puppets and so on. And to make all these things children have to use scissors, glue, needles and threads. Al this object will help him not only in their work of creation. For example scissors help the child to strengthen his fingers and hand muscles. Working at this project he will improve his eye-hand movements. All these will be useful later when he will start to write.

They can make a monkey from a sock a project that can last some time but the result will be according the expectations. Here needles are very necessary and that’s why parents or teachers must be very careful and must close watch the children activities. Whenever it is necessary they can give a hand of help. Safety must be on the first place in a craft making.

This craft, like all the others, teaches the little apprentice about devotion, patience, innovation. Now he comes in touch with different tools that help him to develop his mobility or his self-confidence in expressing his ideas.

Well children can also make a connection between the monkey from their project to M. and more on, the monkey sock can teach them about another animals who live in jungle. A wonderful project that children will love much is to make puppets with all the animals from the Jungle Book.

Another project can consist in monkey cakes. After buying some monkey shaped forms for cakes, mum can prepare the dough and then let the child the pleasure to fill the forms with it. After the cakes are ready, children can color them with colored cream to make them look funny and delicious. And in this case we can say that both mother and children have a great fun. Teach the children the art of craft making and you’ll see the good results pretty soon.

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