Preschool Printables about Flowers

Preschool Printables about Flowers is another project design with the purpose to develop children’ education. Flowers will remain for ever among the things that calm us, make us kinder and gentler, even if it’s about women or men. Because there are so many flowers we must do a difference between them and children must be taught the elementary things about flowers.

Preschool Printables about FlowersAre flowers so important for a child’s education? The answer is a firm one" YES" because in flowers you can find the most beautiful colors, the most attractive models and combination and they can be an endless source of inspiration.

Beside their beauty they have impressive and incomparable smells. Of course we can’t see the smells but they can still inspire us. So, it’s normal for children to try to draw the flowers scents in different ways. We’ll see how they associate the sweet scents with warm colors, the unpleasant smells with cold colors and this is an extraordinary thing because the adults can’t think at this kind of combinations. But the flower theme offers the children the unimaginable ways to combine colors, smells, scents and shapes.

It’s interesting the fact that every person, including children, has a different way to perceive colors, scents and smells, and that’s why a field with flowers will be drawn in different way by every child, and more, it will look different even if the same chills draws it again. The wonderful world of the flower arouses the appetite for beauty and art, for interior peace, to things deeply hidden in children’ personality.

Every child can create new floral models that express new ideas. Unlike the adult who usually try to reproduce a flower as exactly as it’s possible, children give them another perspective and another vision, an unsophisticated one. A flower can teach a child a lot of things about love, about rain, photosynthesis, kindness and merciful, about birds and people.

A flower can give a clue about a person and his nature. So, this theme must not miss from a child’s educational program. Drawing them he learns that it is about a rose, a lily, a carnation or other flower. It’s important to teach children that every flower has its name. Children must understand that flower is the sap of a human being too. And how can he understand this if not drawing it. Making this he reaches to "know" the flower, to understand its meaning and importance.

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