Preschool Printables

Preschool Printables apparently a simple game but in fact a very important matter.

According the specialists’ discoveries children initially discern the smells, the shadows and the light, shapes and colors and later they start to discern objects and their place in the environment.

Preschool PrintablesThe surrounding objects, colors and things are the subject of the printables. And it’s necessary that every theme proposed to obey some rules because they must be educative, instructive and, of course, attractive.

Because of these simple reasons, a team of at least 25 five people work to realize the printables: programmers, directors, writers, teachers, pediatricians and psychologists, writers. Why so many people for such a simple thing? Because every of them bring something new, they add a bit of imagination to the themes. The message created is exactly the one they want to send, it can’t be interpreted as everyone likes and it doesn’t suggest any negative idea.

The method in which printables are used as means of education has spread in many countries from all over the world, and that’s why it comes as an educative alternative at the psychologist methods for preschool children. They are not dangerous like some cartoons, they doesn’t involve dangers like meetings with suspicious friends.

They are "the brain food" because once the variety is assured, it remains only as every child together his parents and teachers to find those that fit them the best.

Of course, these keep the rhythm with the speed a child grows with. The more the child grows the more interesting and complicated they become. The message become deeper, a little harder to clear up, with a special purpose: child’s mind must confront with bigger challenges that may request many tries until the chills can get the correct result. So it must be because only in this way he can evolve.

Children’s mind is neither" formed" as the adult’s mind nor directed towards the things he learnt in the past. This is why children can be dangerous, if we may say so, when it’s about intellectual abilities and consequently we must be very careful, they must be treated with respect and we must be always opened for their needs, problems and emotions.

We are amazed and very happy whenever we meet a child that has a much superior IQ than an adult. This tells many things about the future generations. From here, another question arises: Is it possible to be surpassed from the intellectual point of view by our children?

preschool dot to dot printables

Preschool Printables Preschool Printables