Preschool Teacher Portfolio Printables

Preschool Teacher Portfolio Printables is an interesting project for Teachers.

What portfolio must have the teacher? Somebody could ask. What’s this and what is this good for?

Preschool Teacher Portfolio PrintablesFirst, teachers must take into account the gender of the children because girl’s preferences differ very much from the boys’ ones. The differences between them starts from the toys they like to play with to the cartoon heroes they prefer: boys like characters like Spiderman, Batman while girls like fairies, Prince Charming, flowers and dolls.

Then teachers must take into account that a year difference between children age means a huge distance. So this fact forces them to have themes, posters, crafts and printables according the age categories of the children. More on, a teacher isn’t allowed to fall into routine and banality. He must always bring new activities and themes, a thing that makes from a teacher an older child. Because he must put himself in a child boots and guess what this would like, would prefer and what can be this reactions toward a thing or another.

Of course, spending much time with children a teacher starts to know children’s customs, emotions and he can start to work with a personalized portfolio for each child. But no matter how experienced the teacher is and how much he knows children’s nature he mustn’t believe he knows everything about children. He must not forget that they are very unforeseeable, changeable, that their feelings are very fragile and they can change their behavior when you expect less.

In order to be efficient a teacher must encourage the diversity and, if a child likes a theme and insists only on it and wants to do only that, teachers must interfere with diplomacy and finesse and to attract him in other projects with different subjects. Of course, this thing can’t be done all of a sudden; it requires time and much diplomacy. Some people will say that the child must be let to do what he likes and it’s not a big deal if he doesn’t imply in other activities.

Unfortunately, things are not as easy as they seem to be. A child insistence upon a single theme can be a clue that something is not all right. This perseveration can hide some obsessions, or trauma and teacher must be very careful at these details. A teacher’s portfolio must be vast, varied, attractive, with strong messages an according the reality.

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