Preschool curriculum activities

Choosing the right preschool curriculum activities can be scary for new teachers. You have many decisions to make when planning a curriculum. You might find yourself second-guessing your choices. There are so many things that preschool children have to learn, it can be overwhelming to choose how you are going to teach all of these things. This article will give teachers tips on how to make the best of your preschool curriculum. Parents can also instill these ideas into their everyday life to help their children prepare for a classroom setting.

Preschool curriculum activitiesTalk your way through the day and your child will listen. Expanding your everyday vocabulary will help your child learn new words faster. If you are cooking and your child is watching you, label everything that you touch. Your child will learn to identify spoons, pots, pans, stirring and many more things. Teachers can use this same method in the classroom. This will help your child in many ways to prepare them for their future schooling.

Young children are always asking questions, but so can you! Ask children questions that require them to think about how they are going to answer. Instead of asking yes or no questions, ask them in a way that requests a long version answer. This will help children build their vocabulary. Make sure you listen to their answers or they will become discouraged. In today’s busy world, it is easy to fall into the yes or no rut. Instead of asking if they had a good day, ask them what made their day good. Alternatively, you should give the same in return. If you child asks a question, do not give them a yes or no answer. Instead, give them a long answer that requires them to listen to you.

Reinforce lessons that they have learned during busy moments. If you are busy doing something with your hands, but can still give children your attention encourage them to practice things they have learned. You could ask questions about things they have learned recently or in the past. Colors, body parts and numbers are all great topics to fill silent moments.

Children learn many things through play. Playing is a major factor in a child’s development. They experience many things through playing by themselves, with teachers and parents or with other kids. Allowing time in your day to play with your children helps them in many crucial ways. This is how they explore the world, teaching themselves through experience. Acting out situations with your children can help them separate fantasy play from real life experiences. As a teacher or a parent, it is your responsibility to find ways to play with your child in everyday life.

Adults are the best tool in a child’s learning experience. Children depend on adults to teach them things that they otherwise cannot learn on their own yet. If adults are ignoring a child, they will not develop their skills as quickly. Teachers and parents can make every minute of the day a teaching moment.

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