Romanian Preschool

Education systems are quite structured in countries throughout the world.  Countries like Romania, Japan, Kenya, Denmark, France, and China are among those that offer preschool starting as early as 3 years of age.  Preschools in many countries are either free or the tuition costs are very low.  Although the United States offers preschool, the educational direction is quite different.  As you read through this material, the focus will be on Romania and the preschool system in this country.

Preschool Playdoh Activities

Education is a priority in Romania with laws being established specifically targeted towards education and protection of children.  There are special preschools established for children of special needs in public education and in private in-home preschools.  Regular kindergartens include an entire network of programs to include standard kindergartens, kindergarten for special needs children, in-home preschools, and in-home preschools for children with special needs.  Specific laws are in place to protect children and to ensure that every single one of them is afforded the opportunity to receive a proper education, starting from a very early age.  Romania’s constitution was adopted in 1991 and provides for a child’s right to receive this education.  It also provides’ for a childs’ protection as well as the medical care and social needs of all children starting at birth.

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