Preschool magnet activities: Attracting kids to science

Preschoolers love to figure out how things work, and preschool magnet activities will give them the perfect chance to do this. It will allow them to discover how different magnets react to various surfaces. Since many children in this age group are visual learners, magnets are a great tool to use. Here are some fun magnet activities that you can do with your preschool class.

Preschool magnet activitiesThis activity will visually teach children what types of surfaces magnets are attracted to, and allows them the opportunity to make their own discoveries.

Give each child their own magnet, and have them follow you around the room. Stop every now and then at a different surface.

Let each child try their magnet on the surface, and when they have all had a turn ask them questions about what happened. You can try things such as table legs, walls, windows, doorframes and carpet. You should try to alternate between things that the magnet will stick to, and things that it will not.

You can use toy trains to show how magnets can repel each other as well. Provide magnetic toy train sets for the children to experiment with. Ask them to put the train together the right way it should stick together. Then ask them to try and put them together the wrong way, it should repel each other. This will give the kids the opportunity to discover the different ways magnets can work.

Set up an area for children to play with magnets. Provide magnets, muffin tins, lids of different materials, jar lids, paper clips and other small things of different materials. Arrange these things in a large area so that the children will have room to move around. If possible you should set this up outside. If it is not possible to do that, you can set up several stations on tabletops. Let the children do whatever they would like to do with the supplies. Allow them to explore the different ways that magnets works. This is a fun way to use any available free time in the classroom. Children will love the independence of this activity. They will also be very proud of the discoveries that they will make all by themselves.

Many stores offer kits to make your own magnets. You can also buy magnetic strips that adhere to several things. These can be found where arts and craft supplies are sold. Have the children bring in their favorite pictures, and turn them into magnets. Any child will be proud when they see their magnet stuck to their refrigerator. Children love taking things home to their parents. This will give them a great opportunity to bring something home to mom and dad that will be used everyday.

Preschool magnet activities allow young children to discover many basic science theories that they will use through all of their school years. Magnets are a great way to teach children that things can have different reactions in different situations.

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