Preschool music lesson plans

If you are going to teach music to a preschool class, you will first need preschool music lesson plans. If you have never taught music to preschoolers before you will need patience and organization. You will need to arm yourself with a wide variety of activities to keep them interested as well. Here are some great ideas that you can use when creating lesson plans for teaching music to a preschool class.

Preschool music lesson plansThere are a few tips that you can keep in mind to make things run more smoothly for you. You should plan your music class during a time that the children are not restless or antsy. Before recess or at the end of the day are not good times for you to teach music to them. You should also consider the activities that you are going to do with them. Try to incorporate a mixture of activities into your lesson plan. This way you will have a back-up plan when they begin getting board with something that you are doing. Because children have short attention spans you can never have to many activities planned. You do not have to use them all, but you should have a large collection of ideas that you can utilize if needed.

If you are bringing equipment into the classroom, make sure that it is interesting and preferably colorful. You want it to catch their little eyes and make them want to play with it. Remember that many of them have never been exposed to music outside of a radio before. They will not understand how to do something unless you show them, and even then, it may take a lot of practice before they fully understand what you are asking them to do.

Bring lots of fun music with your for them to listen to. If you are going to use sing along songs, you will want to have some that are fun and catchy. The best songs to use for preschool age children are repetitive and short. This may seem boring to you but it will not be to them.

This is a great activity to teach the children different dynamics in music. Get down on the floor with the children and play a piece of music that has many dynamic changes. When the music gets louder stand up slowly, then when the music slows down shrink into a ball onto the floor. This will give them a visual understanding of how different types of music can grow and shrink in dynamic.

Another great activity to use is interpretative drawing. Bring in several different types of music. Ask the children to sit somewhere comfortable with a piece of paper and some crayons. Put each type of music on for about five minutes. Ask the children to draw a different picture for each music sample, something that the music reminds them off. Discuss what they have drawn after each music sample has been played. This is a great way to show kids how music can affect people’s moods differently.

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