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If you have access to the internet and a printer, you can find many printable activities to fit your needs. Thousands of online sites offer free printable pages, on any topic you can think of. You can find coloring pages, flash cards or worksheets online.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can most likely find a store in your area that offers these resources to you. They will not be free but should not be too expensive either. You can find workbooks for preschool aged children at many of these locations. Even many department stores offer workbooks for children of all ages to practice basic developmental skills.

If you have gathered all the supplies that you feel you need to teach your child, then you are ready to begin teaching them.

Remember to keep the activities fun for your child. Do not get frustrated with them if they do not understand something the first time. Repetition and practice are the biggest factors in a young child’s learning process. Do not make them feel like they are not doing well or they will get discouraged. Do not push them to learn something faster then they are able to, you will only delay the learning process.

You can begin teaching your child at home at any age. They do not have to be old enough for school before you begin teaching them. There are many learning activities available for children as young as four months. Helping your children learn early will give them a great advantage once then begin school. Just make sure to keep it light and fun for them. If you turn it into to much work, they will not want to do it and might feel like you have robbed them of their natural childhood.

Teaching your child at home can be a great learning process for yourself as well. If you begin to get frustrated with, something put it away for a while. The best thing about learning in a home environment is that there are no set deadlines. Everything can be done at your and your child’s own pace. Preschool Lesson Plans Template

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